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*Young Talent Program (PAJT-ICMC)*
*Call for Applicants CRInt/ICMC 002/2016*

The Institute of Mathematical and Computer Science (ICMC) at the University
of Sao Paulo (USP) is pleased to announce the introduction of its
“Attracting Young Talent” Program (PAJT-ICMC) for postdoctoral research at

This program is designed for researchers residing abroad (outside Brazil),
who have a PhD degree. The PhD can be from several areas of research lines
of the graduate programs at ICMC-USP: Check this out at icmc.usp.br/e/fd9be.
PAJT will be run at the ICMC in the USP Sao Carlos campus (250 km away from
the State capital of Sao Paulo).

The selection procedure will be conducted in two phases:

a) Phase 1 (Selection): The applicant must submit an up-to-date Curriculum
Vita to the following email address crint@icmc.usp.br, with the title
“Inscricao PAJT-ICMC”. A committee comprising members of the faculty and
staff of our Institute will make the selection. The candidates will be
assessed on the basis of the following criteria:

I. Their Curriculum Vitae - with an emphasis on the quality and value of
recent research work carried out by the applicant;

II. The relevance of the project for the existing ICMC-USP research areas.
The selection team will look for a match with the list of research studies
that can be found at icmc.usp.br/e/fd9be

The outcome of the first phase will be announced within 60 days of the
application. Those short-listed in the first phase are asked to write a
research project that is accordance with the advice of the Technical
Coordinator and suitable for one of the research groups of the ICMC-USP.
The Technical Coordinator will be appointed by ICMC-USP before the
pre-selection has been made.

b) Phase 2 (Submission of the project): In the second phase, short-listed
applicants (together with the Technical Coordinator) must submit a project
to the Brazilian funding agencies (e.g. FAPESP, CNPq, CAPES).

Further information about the submissions of projects to the research
funding agencies (Phase 2 above): Please note that the successful
candidates (together with the Technical Coordinator) are responsible for
submitting their research project to the funding agencies. The peer review
takes on average between 90 to 120 days.

The list of benefits is outlined by each funding agency and can be seen in
these links: FAPESP , CAPES
 and CNPq

More information: www.icmc.usp.br/e/a7944
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