Postdoctoral Position in Symbolic Computation

The INRIA Cassis team in Besancon, France, is offering a half-year post-doctoral
position on the formalization of multi-scale methods for MEMS arrays.

The context is the design of microsystem array architectures, including
microcantilevers, micromirrors, droplet ejectors, micromembranes,
biochips, etc to cite only a few. The numerical simulation of such whole arrays
based on classical methods like the Finite Element Method (FEM) is prohibitive
for today's computers (at least in a time compatible with the time scale of a
designer). The calculation of a reasonably complex cell of a three-dimensional
microsystem requires about 1000 degrees of freedoms which leads to about 10 000
000 degrees of freedoms for a 100 x 100 array. There is a solution consisting in
approximating the model by a multi-scale method. The resulting approximated
model is rigorously derived from the exact one through a sequence of formal
transformations that differs for each case. A great challenge is to generalize
these formal computations and to automate them, at least in part. The
post-doctoral work consists in prototyping the implementation of a family of
formal transformations used in multiscale methods, in a computer algebra system
(e.g. Maple, the symbolic toolbox of Matlab, or Sage) and to validate them by
comparison with hand-made derivations described in the litterature on this

Candidates are expected to have a strong background in formal methods. A good
mathematical background would be appreciated.

Applicants should submit a curriculum vitae, their Ph.D. dissertation, a
statement of research, and recommendation letters. Applications should be
received as soon as possible and before June 8, 2010, date of a first selection,
although the search will continue until an appropriate candidate has
been identified.

Informal inquiries about the position should be directed to Alain Giorgetti

It would be highly appreciated if you could share this announcement with your
colleagues, students and individuals whose research is in computer science,
computer engineering, and related areas.



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