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Jobs in St. Petersburg for Mathematicians. The mathematical institutions of the city are welcome to send information (in Russian and, possibly, also in English) about the vacancies for mathematicians by e-mail . Occasional job offers outside St. Petersburg are also published here. We keep announcements during 6 months unless the job proposer asks us to withdraw it or to keep it longer.

New announcements received by our Society:

March 24, 2023
Academic Exchange Programs of Sino-Russian Mathematics Center.

May 27, 2022
Several positions of various levels at the Harbin Institute of Technology are open and without restriction on the research fields of potential applicants in mathematics.

October 2, 2019
Сеть математических школ в США Russian School of Mathematics ищет учителей для преподавания школьной математики. В данный момент нужны СИЛЬНЫЕ преподаватели продвинутой и олимпиадной математики для онлайн классов с 5-го по 11-й (уровень учащихся в классах примерно соответствует уровню хорошей московской математической школы). Нагрузка: от 2 до 12 часов в неделю. Преподавание ведется на английском языке, общение с коллегами из школы возможно и на русском. Возможно как преподавание в онлайн классе из России, так и дальнейшее оформление рабочей визы и переезд в США. Если среди ваших знакомых есть преподаватели-математики - пожалуйста, дайте им знать об этом предложении. Вопросы и резюме можно отправить по E-mail: HR-менеджер Елена.

April 16, 2019
The Faculty of Science and Engineering at Abo Akademi University offers education within Biosciences, Pharmacy, Natural Sciences, Information Technology and Chemical Engineering. The education within the subject Mathematics and Statistics offers skills that are in demand within society, especially within the insurance- and financial sector, and the IT-industry. In addition to that, the education of subject teachers in mathematics and its development is one of the most important tasks within the subject, as it has an essential responsibility to supply the Swedish speaking community in Finland with subject teachers in mathematics. The research in mathematics at Abo Akademi University covers different parts within both abstract mathematics and applied mathematics. Details:

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