Utilities for the E-Print World

Archive users, independent of what platform they choose, should install a handful of utilities and applications so that they can derive the maximal benefit from the archives. They should install or have access to the following:

Tools for Browsing

Tools for Submitting

If you do not have a full set of tools, you can still function with the e-print archives, but their usefulness may be somewhat limited for you. In time you will discover which tools are necessary for your usage patterns. 

Filename extensions

To avoid unnecessary confusion, you are strongly urged to use the standard file name extensions when submitting your files. For uuencoded files that you send, these extensions are mandatory so that the server can handle certain file types correctly (for instance, a uuencoded compressed PostScript file is automatically unpacked on the server, which knows what to do because it looks for the .ps.Z extension). Here are the conventions you should use: Users should be sure to use these conventions when naming files (e.g., VMS extensions like .tar_Z should not be used).