Proceedings of the St. Petersburg Mathematical Society Volume VI
Edited by: N. N. Uraltseva, St. Petersburg State University, Russia


This collection presents new results in algebra, functional analysis, and mathematical physics. In particular, evolution and spectral problems related to small motions of viscoelastic fluid are considered. Specific areas covered in the book include functional equations and functional operator equations from the point of view of the $C^*$-algebraic approach, the existence of an isomorphism between certain ideals regarded as Galois modules, spectral problems in singularly perturbed domains, scattering theory, the existence of bounded solutions to the equation $\operatorname{div} u = f$ in a plane domain, and a compactification of a locally compact group. Also given is an historic overview of the mathematical seminars held at St. Petersburg State University. The results, ideas, and methods given in the book will be of interest to a broad range of specialists.


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