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29 Oct 2003
Central European Journal of Mathematics: Newsletter No. 3
23 Oct 2003
Call for papers: International Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics
23 Oct 2003
Member of the Society William Hatcher will give a talk on The theory of minimalizm at the Physics Section meeting of the "Dom Uchenykh" at "Dubovyi zal" on Nov. 4, 2003, 18:00.
11 Sept 2003
A new journal Journal of Dynamical Systems and Geometric Theories has been launched.
24 July 2003
Society member Professor G.I.Natanson passed away at the age of 73.
11 July 2003
The Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters calls for nominations for the candidates for the Abel Prize 2004.
06 June 2003
Art & Mathematics from Brazil
22 May 2003
Society member Ivan Aleksandrovich Panin has been elected Member Correspondent of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Society member Jean-Pierre Serre has been elected Foreign Member of the RAS.
19 May 2003
The Great Golden Lomonosov Medal of the Russian Academy of Sciences has been awarded to the academician Olga Aleksandrovna Ladyzhenskaya, the Honorary Member of our Society and its former president, at the annual meeting of the RAS. Her works greatly influenced the development of differential equations in the second half of the XXth century.
A similar medal has been awarded to the Swedish professor Lennart Carleson.

Society member academician Ludwig Dmitrievich Faddeev received the golden Leonhard Euler medal at the same meeting.

29 Apr 2003
Society member Yakov Eliashberg (Stanford University) has been elected member of the National Academy of Sciences (USA) among 72 new members and associates.
23 Apr 2003
A book of reminiscences about A.D.Alexandrov is under preparation in Novosibirsk. Everybody is welcome to submit his or her reminiscences about A.D.Alexandrov in English. More info.
9 Apr 2003
A new Russian internet-shop FizMatKniga has been recently opened. This shop specializes in books of various editors, both new and second hand. The corresponding link has been added to our Links Section.
3 Apr 2003
The Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters has decided to award the first Abel Prize for 2003 to Jean-Pierre Serre (Collège de France, Paris, France) "for playing a key role in shaping the modern form of many parts of mathematics, including topology, algebraic geometry and number theory". J.-P. Serre is a member of the St. Petersburg Mathematical Society since 1993.
2 Apr 2003
A meeting in memoria of Prof. Boris Zakharovich Vulikh (1913-1978), a former Society member, is to be held on April 17 at the Dept. of Mathematics of the Herzen Pedagogical University (room 207, 16:00).
30 Mar 2003
A link to MathematicsWeb, an on-line platform provided by Elsevier Science offering a full text articles of over 55 leading mathematical journals and services to facilitate research in pure mathematics, applied mathematics and statistics is added to the Math Links page.
15 Mar 2003
New 2003 SPB. Math. Society student competition is being held. The deadline is April 29, 2003.
12 Mar 2003
A meeting "A.D.Aleksandrov and the university of his time" will take place at the SPb. University on March 19.
18 Feb 2003
Society member academician Ludwig Faddeev has been elected a foreign associate of the French Academy of Sciences on March 18, 2002. Formerly another member of our Society, Mikhail Gromov, has been elected associate member (1989) and member (1997) of the French Academy.
18 Jan 2003
A link to the PDMI page dedicated to A.A.Markov added to the St. Petersburg Mathematical Pantheon section of the site.
26 Dec 2002
Grant taxation in Russia - a new list of foundations whose grants are non-taxable in the revenues of Russian institutions.
20 Dec 2002
Deadlines for some grants
18 Dec 2002
Problems proposed at the traditional Society student competitions, and the names of the winners have been placed on the server (the page in Russian).
6 Dec 2002
The Central European Journal of Mathematics offers new service to authors.
18 Nov 2002
Society member academician Ludwig Faddeev has been awarded the Demidov prize for 2002 "for his contribution into the development of mathematics, quantum mechanics, string theory, and soliton theory".
03 Oct 2002
The first two English volumes Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 dedicated to the 80th birthday of Professor Olga Ladyzhenskaya have been published in the "International Mathematical Series" and will be presented at the Franfkufrt Book Fair. See the table of content of the book as well as a couple of photos. More information about the series.
24 Sep 2002
Society member Stanislav Smirnov (Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm) has been awarded the 2002 Rollo Davidson Prize for his achievements in critical percolation and conformality in stochastic processes.
5 Sep 2002
Taru Publications informs about possibility to publish papers in four research journals:
Journal of Information and Optimization Sciences,
Journal of Interdisciplinary Mathematics
Journal of Statistics & Management Systems
Journal of Discrete Mathematical Sciences & Cryptography.
4 Sep 2002
A link to an interesting page dedicated to B.Galerkin is added in the St. Petersburg Mathematical Pantheon section.
31 Aug 2002
A.M.Vershik's letter about necessity to record the history of mathematics in St. Petersburg.
Jul 2002
Michael Gromov wins Kyoto Prize.
Michael Gromov, Professor at the Institute des Hautes Études Scientifiques, Member of the St. Petersburg Mathematical Society, is one of three winners of the 2002 Kyoto Prizes, which are "presented to people who have contributed greatly to mankind's scientific, cultural and spiritual betterment" by the Inamori Foundation. The Foundation states that Gromov's "innovative ideas and establishment of a new geometry have had an immeasurable impact on all the mathematical sciences." The prize ceremony will be held in Kyoto on November 10. Each prize recipient gets 50 million yen (over $400,000).

4 Jun 2002
A new journal Central European Journal of Mathematics is calling for papers.
31 May 2002
The resolution of the April 23 meeting on the proposed reform of the school education in Russia has been published by "Izvestiya".
9 Apr 2002
School and Students' (Russian) pages organized.
7 Apr 2002
A page devoted to the controversial school reform in Russia organized in the Forum section.
25 Mar 2002
A link to V.S.Videnskii's paper about S.N.Bernstein added to Bernstein's page in the Pantheon section.
12 Mar 2002
15 biographies of St. Petersburg mathematicians of the XVIII-XIXth centuries taken from the Brokhaus & Efron Dictionary are added to the St. Petersburg Mathematical Pantheon pages. 
12 Feb 2002
A discussion of the projects to reform school mathematical education starts on the page Mathematical Education with the reprinting an article by V.I.Arnold. 
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