Preprints of the St. Petersburg Mathematical Society


Author: Bliudze, Simon
Title: Optimal multidimensional continued fractions
Comments: Russian, 21 pp.
Subj-class:11Jxx; Secondary: 11J70
Submitted: 24.01.2020
Abstract, PDF

Author: Ustinov, N. S.
Title: On solvability of a critical semilinear problem with the spectral Neumann fractional Laplacian
Comments: LaTeX, Russian, 15 pp.
Subj-class: 35R11; Secondary: 35A01
Submitted: 21.05.2020
Abstract, TeX, PDF

Authors: Nazarov, A. I.; Nikitin, Ya. Yu.
Title: Online-centered Gaussian processes and applications
Comments: LaTeX, English, 8 pp.
Subj-class: 60G15; Secondary: 47A75
Submitted: 30.05.2020
Abstract, TeX, PDF

Author: Titarenko, S. A.
Title: One can hear the shape of almost any drum!
Comments: LaTeX, Russian, 11 pp.
Subj-class: 58J50; Secondary: 58J53, 35P25
Submitted: 17.08.2020
Abstract, PDF

Author: Vershik, A. M.
Title: On the history of V.A.Rokhlin's ergodic seminar (1960-1970)
Comments: pdf, Russian, 10 pp.
Subj-class: 28Dxx; Secondary: 37-03, 37Axx
Submitted: 09.12.2020
Abstract, PDF

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