Preprints of the St. Petersburg Mathematical Society


Author: Vershik, A. M.
Title: Universality and randomness for the graphs and metric spaces
Comments: English, 19 pp., LaTeX
Subj-class: 54E35, Secondary: 05C50, 60D05
Submitted: 30.05.2003
Abstract, TeX (60 Kb), PostScript (gzipped, 97 Kb)
Author: Bagdonavicius, V; Nikulin, M.
Title: Conjoint Degradation Model of Disablement for  Survival and Longitudinal Data Measured with Errors in Presence of Covariates
Comments: English, 20 pp., LaTeX
Subj-class: 62F10, Secondary: 62J05, 62GO5, 62N05, 60M10, 62G30
Submitted: 30.07.2003
Abstract, TeX (55 Kb), PostScript (gzipped, 161 Kb)
Author: Klebanov, L. B.
Title: A class of multivariate free of distribution statistical tests
Comments: Russian, 7 pp., LaTeX
Subj-class: 62G10
Submitted: 31.07.2003
Abstract, TeX (16 Kb), PostScript (gzipped, 55 Kb)
Authors: Osipenko, G. S.; Romanovskii, I. V.; Ampilova, N. B.; Petrenko, E. I.
Title: On Morse spectrum calculation
Comments: Russian, 12 pp.
Subj-class: 37D45, 37F15, 37M05
Submitted: 21.11.2003
Abstract, PostScript (gzipped, 472 Kb)
Authors: Pakhomov, S. N.
Title: The calculation of sliding Fourier spectrum
Comments: Russian, 7 pp.
Subj-class: 65T50
Submitted: 02.12.2003
Abstract, PostScript (gzipped, 178 Kb)
Authors: Pakhomov, S. N.; Prosekov, O. V.
Title: Calculation aspects of fast Fourier transform
Comments: Russian, 9 pp.
Subj-class: 65T50
Submitted: 02.12.2003
Abstract, PostScript (gzipped, 194 Kb)
Author: Baranov, A. D.
Title: Density of polynomials in the de Branges spaces of entire functions
Comments: English, 17 pp.
Subj-class: 30D15, Secondary: 47B32
Submitted: 23.12.2003
Abstract, TeX (35 Kb), PostScript (gzipped, 137 Kb)
Authors: Malozemov, V. N.; Omel'chenko, A. V.
Title: On a discrete problem of optimal control with explicit solution
Comments: Russian, 7 pp.
Subj-class: 70Q05, Secondary: 65K10, 90C39
Submitted: 23.12.2003
Abstract, PostScript (gzipped, 188 Kb)
Authors: Masharsky, S. M.; Tsvetkov, K. Yu.
Title: On cross-correlation function of discrete signals in Vilenkin-Chrestenson basis
Comments: Russian, 8 pp.
Subj-class: 42C10
Submitted: 24.12.2003
Abstract, PostScript (gzipped, 126 Kb)

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