Preprints of the St. Petersburg Mathematical Society


Authors: Daugavet, V. A.; Tanygina, N. A.
Title: Fast algorithm for a problem of information compression
Comments: Russian, 10 pp., AmSTeX
Subj-class: 90C08, Secondary: 90C06, 49M25
Submitted: 02.04.2001
Abstract, TeX (16 Kb), PostScript (gzipped, 34 Kb)
Authors: Malozemov, V. N.; Monaco, M. F.; Petrov, A. V.
Title: Frobenius and Sherman-Morrison formulas and related topics
Comments: Russian, 9 pp.
Subj-class: 15A09
Submitted: 23.06.2001
Abstract, PostScript (gzipped, 43 Kb)
Published in: Zh. vychisl. mat. i matem. fiz. 2002. Vol. 42. No. 10. P. 14591465 (in Russian).

Author: Reinov, O. I.
Title: Approximation properties and some classes of operators
Comments: Russian, 60 pp., AmSTeX
Subj-class: 47B10
Submitted: 16.07.2001
Abstract, TeX (gzipped, 56 Kb), PostScript (gzipped, 205 Kb)
Author: Kerov, S. V.
Title: Asymptotic representation theory of the symmetric group and its applications in analysis
Comments: Russian, 242 pp., 24 pictures
Subj-class: 20C32, Secondary: 42C05, 60-XX, 05-XX, 60C05
Submitted: 24.07.2001
Abstract, PostScript (gzipped, 684 Kb)
Authors: Malozemov, V. N.; Masharsky, S. M.
Title: Glassman formula, fast Fourier transform and wavelet expansions
Comments: Russian, 33 pp.
Subj-class: 65T50, Secondary: 65T60
Submitted: 07.09.2001
Abstract, PostScript (gzipped, 86 Kb)
Published in: Proceedings of St. Petersburg Math. Soc. 2001. Vol. 9. P. 97119 (in Russian).
Translated in: Amer. Math. Soc. Transl. 2003. Vol. 209. No. 2. P. 93114.

Author: Vershik, A. M.
Title: Graded Lie algebras and dynamical systems
Comments: English, 10 pp., LaTeX
Subj-class: 37A55, Secondary: 58B99
Submitted: 19.09.2001
Abstract, TeX (27 Kb), PostScript (gzipped, 45 Kb)

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