Preprints of the St. Petersburg Mathematical Society


Authors: Nazarov, A. I.; Tchirina, A. V.
Title: On the available local asymptotic efficiency of some goodness-of-fit criteria
Comments: LaTeX, Russian, 17 pp.
Subj-class:62G10; Secondary: 49K15, 62G20
Submitted: 26.05.2021
Abstract, TeX, PDF

Authors: Apushkinskaya, D. E.; Nazarov, A. I.
Title: Around the Normal Derivative Lemma
Comments: LaTeX, Russian, 94 pp.
Subj-class:35B50; Secondary: 35J15, 35B53, 35R11
Submitted: 17.07.2021; 3rd (current) version: 25.06.2022
Abstract, TeX, PDF

Authors: Chistov, A. L.
Title: An Effective Algorithm for Deciding Solvability of a System of Polynomial Equations over $p$-adic Integers
Comments: English, 26 pp.
Subj-class:11D88; Secondary: 14Q15
Submitted: 20.07.2021; updated: 16.09.2021
Abstract, PDF

Authors: Nazarov, A. I.; Shcheglova, A. P.
Title: Solution with various structures for semilinear equations in $\mathbb R^n$ driven by fractional Laplacian
Comments: LaTeX, Russian, 28 pp.
Subj-class:35R11; Secondary: 35B06, 35J20
Submitted: 17.10.2021
Abstract, TeX, PDF

Authors: Dorodnyi, M. A.
Title: High-frequency homogenization of nonstationary periodic equations
Comments: Russian, 25 pp.
Submitted: 12.11.2021
Abstract, PDF

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