Preprints of the St. Petersburg Mathematical Society


Author: Chistov, A. L.
Title: Efficient construction of local parameters of irreducible components of an algebraic variety in nonzero characteristic
Comments: English, LaTeX, 23 pp.
Subj-class: 14Q15
Submitted: 04.02.2005
Abstract, LaTeX (72 Kb), PostScript (gzipped, 197 Kb)
Author: Vysotsky, Vladislav
Title: On energy and number of clusters in stochastic systems of sticky gravitating particles
Comments: English and Russian, LaTeX, 20 pp.
Subj-class: 82C22, Secondary: 60F05
Submitted: 10.02.2005; updated: 27.03.2006
Abstract, English version: LaTeX (gzipped, 40 Kb), PostScript (gzipped, 210 Kb);
               Russian version: LaTeX (gzipped, 42 Kb), PostScript (gzipped, 361 Kb)
Authors: Generalov, A. I.; Kachalova, M. A.
Title: The bimodule resolution for Möbius algebra
Comments: Russian, LaTeX, 51 pp.
Subj-class: 16E05
Submitted: 17.02.2005
Abstract, LaTeX (gzipped, 105 Kb), PostScript (gzipped, 391 Kb)
Author: Reinov, O. I.
Title: Properties AP(lp) and lp-factorizations of operators
Comments: English, LaTeX, 5 pp.
Subj-class: 47B10
Submitted: 23.04.2005
Abstract, LaTeX (12 Kb), PostScript (gzipped, 79 Kb)
Authors: Nazarov, A. I.; Petrov, F. V.
Title: On S. L. Tabachnikov's conjecture
Comments: Russian, LaTeX, 13 pp.
Subj-class: 52A38, Secondary: 52A40
Submitted: 31.05.2005
Abstract, LaTeX (38 Kb), PostScript (gzipped, 124 Kb)
Authors: Reinov, O. I.; Reinov, Ju. I.
Title: Approximation properties, $N_p$-operators and $l_p$-operators
Comments: Russian, AMSTeX, 34 pp.
Subj-class: 47B10
Submitted: 20.06.2005
Abstract, AMSTeX (94 Kb), PostScript (gzipped, 98 Kb)
Author: Kalnitsky, V. S.
Title: Symmetries of weak-controllable systems
Comments: LaTeX, English, 6 pp.
Subj-class: 53C22
Submitted: 01.07.2005
Abstract, LaTeX (14 Kb), PostScript (gzipped, 100 Kb)
Author: Malozemov, V. N.
Title: On the minimal rotation surface
Comments: Russian, 6 pp.
Subj-class: 49K05
Submitted: 18.08.2005
Abstract, PostScript (gzipped, 147 Kb)
Author: Reinov, O. I.
Title: Measurable space frames I.
Comments: AMSTeX, Russian, 3 pp.
Subj-class: 47B10
Submitted: 14.09.2005
Abstract, AMSTeX (10 Kb), PostScript (gzipped, 24 Kb)
Author: Reinov, O. I.
Title: Probabilities methods in finite dimensional functional analysis
Comments: AMSTeX, Russian, 93 pp.
Subj-class: 51F20, Secondary: 51F25, 15A04, 46B28
Submitted: 01.11.2005
Abstract, AMSTeX (with pictures, gzipped, 142 Kb), PostScript (gzipped, 363 Kb)
Author: Vysotsky, V. V.
Title: A limit theorem for the position of a particle in Lorentz model
Comments: LaTeX, Russian, 20 pp.
Subj-class: 60K37
Submitted: 03.11.2005
Abstract, LaTeX (58 Kb), PostScript (gzipped, 335 Kb)
Author: Skopina, M.
Title: On construction of multivariate wavelet frames
Comments: LaTeX, English, 18 pp.
Subj-class: 42C40
Submitted: 13.12.2005
Abstract, LaTeX (48 Kb), PostScript (gzipped, 152 Kb)

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