Preprints of the St. Petersburg Mathematical Society


Authors: Sten Kaijser; Oleg I. Reinov
Title: Some approximation properties and nuclear operators in spaces of analytical functions
Comments: English, LaTeX, 18 pp.
Subj-class: 46B28, Secondary: 46E15
Submitted: 10.05.2018
Abstract, LaTeX, PDF
Author: Meshkova, Yu. M.
Title: On homogenization of the first initial-boundary value problem for periodic hyperbolic systems via the inverse Laplace transform
Comments: Russian, LaTeX, 36 pp.
Subj-class: 35B27, Secondary: 35L53
Submitted: 02.06.2018
Abstract, LaTeX, PDF
Author: Moroz, B. Z.
Title: The Riemann Hypothesis and Diophantine equations
Comments: Russian, LaTeX, 6 pp.
Subj-class: 11M26, Secondary: 11D72
Submitted: 01.07.2018
Abstract, LaTeX, PDF
Author: Oleg I. Reinov
Title: Around Grothendieck's theorem on operators with nuclear adjoins
Comments: English, LaTeX, 24 pp.
Subj-class: 46B28
Submitted: 20.09.2018
Abstract, LaTeX, PDF
Author: Meshkova, Yu. M.
Title: Homogenization with the corrector for periodic parabolic systems in the $L_2(\mathbb{R}^d)$-norm
Comments: Russian, LaTeX, 69 pp.
Subj-class: 35B27, Secondary: 35K45
Submitted: 21.09.2018
Abstract, LaTeX, PDF
Author: Dorodnyi, M. A.
Title: Homogenization of the periodic Schrödinger-type equations with the lower order terms
Comments: Russian, LaTeX, 69 pp.
Subj-class: 35B27
Submitted: 10.12.2018
Abstract, LaTeX, PDF
Author: Lodkin, A. A.
Title: Klein sail and Diophantine approximation of a vector
Comments: Russian, 4 pp.
Subj-class: 11H06; Secondary: 11J70, 52C07
Submitted: 19.12.2018
Abstract, PDF

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