Preprints of the St. Petersburg Mathematical Society


Authors: Filimonenkova, N. V.; Bakusov, P. A.
Title: Analysis of m-convexity of multydimensional paraboloids and hyperboloids
Comments: Russian, LaTeX, 22 pp.
Subj-class: 53A07, Secondary: 53C45
Submitted: 11.02.2017
Abstract, LaTeX, PDF
Author: Mekler, A. A.
Title: Regular functions and conditional expectation operators on ordered ideals of $L^1(0,1)$-space
Comments: Russian, LaTeX, 85 pp.
Subj-class: 46E30
Submitted: 09.03.2017; updated: 01.10.2017
Abstract, LaTeX, PDF
Author: Meshkova, Yu. M.
Title: On operator estimates for homogenization of hyperbolic systems with periodic coefficients
Comments: Russian, LaTeX, 35 pp.
Subj-class: 35B27, Secondary: 35L52
Submitted: 25.04.2017
Abstract, LaTeX, PDF
Author: Rastegaev, N. V.
Title: On spectral asymptotics of the tensor product of operators with almost regular marginal asymptotics
Comments: Russian, LaTeX, 29 pp.
Subj-class: 47A80, Secondary: 47A75, 60G15
Submitted: 28.04.2017
Abstract, LaTeX, PDF
Author: Krym, V. R.
Title: Problem: how to find a functional with the given energy-momentum tensor
Comments: Russian, LaTeX, 3 pp.
Subj-class: 83F05, Secondary: 35G05
Submitted: 24.05.2017
Abstract, LaTeX, PDF
Author: Rastegaev, N. V.
Title: On the spectrum of the Sturm-Liouville problem with arithmetically self-similar weight
Comments: Russian, LaTeX, 14 pp.
Subj-class: 34B09, Secondary: 34B24
Submitted: 29.05.2017
Abstract, LaTeX, PDF
Author: Reinov, O. I.
Title: On $Z_d$-symmetry of spectra of linear operators in Banach spaces
Comments: English, LaTeX, 23 pp.
Subj-class: 47B10
Submitted: 10.09.2017
Abstract, LaTeX, PDF
Author: Reinov, O. I.
Title: Approximation properties associated with quasi-normed operator ideals of $(r,p,q)$-nuclear operators
Comments: English, LaTeX, 9 pp.
Subj-class: 46B28
Submitted: 19.09.2017
Abstract, LaTeX, PDF
Author: Reinov, O. I.
Title: On $Z_d$-symmetry of spectra of some nuclear operators
Comments: English, LaTeX, 15 pp.
Subj-class: 47B06, Secondary: 47B10
Submitted: 30.09.2017
Abstract, LaTeX, PDF
Authors: Apushkinskaya, D. E.; Nazarov, A. I.
Title: Keep the traces of Man in a sand of time!
Comments: Russian, LaTeX, 12 pp.
Subj-class: 01A70
Submitted: 07.12.2017; updated: 16.12.2017
Abstract, LaTeX, PDF

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